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Review : Thirty Days To Thirty by Courtney Psak

Thirty Days to Thirty

*** ARC Provided by Author for Honest Review ***

‘Thirty Days to Thirty’ by Courtney Psak was such a fun read I really enjoyed it. Pleased to find it was totally different than what I was expecting. It was sweet and funny and worthy of 4 stars.

I loved all the characters, even her pushy mom. They were all very well written and charismatic and they did not take the spotlight away but added more to the story making it even better. Chris and Liz were awesome and I would love to have friends like them.

 I loved the idea of going back to do things that you would have loved to have completed but never got chance too. At first I felt like Jill was weak I mean yes she lost everything in one day but she needed to get a back bone. Although that feeling did change and I then felt a kinship with her once she realized how selfish she was being and how even though she lost what she once had she did actually have more than she realized.

Like I said this is a very sweet, funny and definitely a good book worth reading and one that I would recommend to others.

Reviewed by Deanne C.