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Review : To Have and To Hold by Serena Bell

To Have and to Hold by Serena Bell


To Have and to Hold  ,  Book 3 of the Returning Home series  .
Trina Levine is a single mother who has raised her child alone from birth  .  The father of her child told her that he wasn’t ready for children and walked away to the life that they had planned to share together  .

Hunter Cross is a single father  .  He was widowed and his child was left to his care primarily  .  He was married to a fellow soldier and during their marriage  ,  he figured out that he was not in love with his wife  .  She died while on active duty when he was home with their child  .

Trina and Hunter’s wife became friends because of the close relationship of their daughters  .  When she passed  ,  Hunter and Trina became close because of the same relationship  .  He fought their relationship because of the fact that he was afraid to open up his heart to anyone else and he was afraid to have a similar instance as what he shared with his wife  .

Hunter and Trina shared a brief love affair until he was deployed for a year  .  During this time, they communicated back and forth via email and continued to share their lives as the days came closer to him being home  .  He comes back early due to an injury that he suffered while overseas  .  When he comes back everything has changed  .  He has retrograde amnesia and does not remember his love for Trina  . Trina has to make some decisions about her  ,  for herself and for her child  .  In this moment  ,  Hunter can't be what she needs and she doesn't know what she will do  .  There is a position that is available to her in California working for the father of her child  .  She is set to go  ,  but there are several things that pop up that keeps her from going directly  .  She and Hunter began to get closer during this time  .  Will Trina and Hunter be able to get past his lack of memory  ?  Or will they lose their chance at a happily ever after  ?

A powerful story of love and loss and finding love again  .  I would give this story four stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.