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Review : Uncovering Camila by Vivian Winslow

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

As a reviewer, I have been lucky enough to read advanced copies from authors I have not discovered as of yet. Sometimes you find one that catches your attention in a way that it makes you wonder how you have never heard of them before now.

I found one of those authors when I was given Uncovering Camila by Vivian Winslow to review on.

This book which is the third in the Wildflowers series, can be read as a standalone, although I did get the impression that many of the characters we meet in this story are very familiar. That meaning, I got the impression that there is an overlay where all the characters are concerned.

When I started I was introduced to Camila Cohen, a law student who like many is working part time to pay her way through school. I felt for her when her casual boyfriend ups and leaves, and her cousin sets her up on a tinder blind date.
Camila’s blind date comes in the form of one Marshall James, who from the start makes you fall for him with just the way Vivian portrays him. Instead of everything being based on sex, (which by the way was…… wow!) this story is more based on the forming of a relationship between the two.

This story revolves around Camila and the choices she needs to make in her life, especially where her career and love life are concerned. It was an extremely well written and enjoyable novel and I look forward to continuing reading more of Vivian’s work.

It is one that you will thoroughly enjoy and one that I would highly recommend.

This is a five-star rating from me.

Reviewed by Stacey J