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Review : Wild Ride by Chantal Fernando

Wild Ride by Chantal Fernando


I tend not to read many novellas because if they are good I am greedy and always want more of the story and ‘Wild Ride’ by Chantal Fernando was just the same. This was a great 4 star read that I would have loved more of. Although this is a novella which is part of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series like the other books it can be read as a standalone.

Talon has been a character introduced to us in previous books and has finally been given his time to shine in his own story. Talon is the President of the Wild Men Motorcycle Club that are in a truce (although quite a delicate one) with his rivals the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club. Although he does have connections to the WDMC (Rake despises him) Talon is in no hurry to possibly cause a rift between the two clubs and especially one because a woman. Sometimes though the pull towards another cannot be ignored or avoided.

Single mother Tia has to decide what she wants and what is best for her son and her. Starting a relationship with Talon can cause lots of problems between the clubs but also means taking on the life of a bikers woman. The way Talon makes her feel and the love he has for her along with the passion they have is something to hang on to though.

Tia and Talon are great together, there is a strong connection between them that means a change for both of them. Talon has never really wanted to have a relationship and the timing isn't great with everything else going on in his life with the issues in his club so has to figure out how Tia and her son fit into his life. This is not the easiest of unions but they have such a strong an hot connection. Not just a romance though as there are things going on in Talon’s club need to be figured out giving a bit of mystery and suspense to the story.

I really enjoyed this novella and it is extremely well written but like i said I would have loved more to the story. Talon and Tia are great characters, she’s strong and witty, he is the alpha male with a heart that you can’t help but fall for and together they are a sexy coupling that provide us with a tale worth reading. The ending does leave you needing more information but you don't have to wait long on answers as the next book is due out soon. I know I will definitely be reading more from the series and can’t wait.

Reviewed by Louise G.