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Review : Bargaining For The Billionaire by J. M. Stewart

***ARC in exchange for an Honest Review***

JM Stewart takes you on a journey of learning to trust again in Bargaining for The Billionaire.  I know the title alone will make a reader think it is just the typical girl meets billionaire and lives happily ever after in the good life.  Definitely not the case in this story.  This book is packed with all sorts of emotions and feels and JM does an awesome job of pulling you into each one.

Madison O’Riley has had past events and a bad break-up that keep her emotions on lockdown and her heart tucked away.  Her friends are on a mission to get her to open back up and live a little by signing her up to become the date of a bachelor that is being bid on at an auction.  Her friend Christina holds a bachelor auction every year to raise money for a charity, and she believes that if Madison would open up and give it a shot, she might find a great guy, or even love again.  Of course Madison, being the stubborn person she is, is very reluctant at first but yet finds herself intrigued by the mystery man who keeps texting her about this said date.

Grayson Lockwood “Dave” is a man that I instantly fell in love with while reading this book.  He is a man on a mission and he will stop at nothing to get Madison back into his arms.  He also has a past that has caused many issues for him with dating and losing the one girl he fell in love with hard.  He’s dominate but yet soft.  Any girl in their right mind should be lucky to have him, but he has his heart set on one girl and one girl only.  

The chemistry these two have once they come face to face is explosive, but Madison wants to deny it due to past events.  She is stubborn in every way and constantly tries to push Grayson away.  You need to read this book to understand because I do not want to give anything away ;)  I’m going to be honest, be ready for some steamy scenes because JM can definitely heat it up with her characters!  The first part of the book is just Madison and “Dave” getting to know each other through internet chat and texting, and boy do they heat it up with their conversations.  It will have you thinking about whether you should try it with your significant other!

This is the third book in a series and I unfortunately have not read the first two books.  The nice thing is, I was able to go into this book and JM gives you enough background on the other characters to feel as if you already know their stories.  I have to give this story a solid 4 stars!
“Just don’t let go.” She murmured against his throat, letting his scent wash over her and soothe the panic gripping her chest.  “Don’t ever let go.”
“I won’t let go, Maddie, I promise.  Not ever again.”

Reviewed by Jodi N.