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Review : Anti Stepbrother by Tijan

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

I DEVOURED this book. From the moment it hit my kindle till the second I finished, I was buried deeply into the story Tijan masterfully spun. 

Fans of Tijan will not be disappointed and those who are reading her work for the first time will come to realize that this author will become a new favorite go to Author. 

College is where you go to get the education you will need to prepare you for the "real world". It is also where you will hopefully form life long friendships and find your true soul mate.  

Summer has big hopes for her College years, starting with finally getting her sexy step brother Kevin to notice her as a woman. He is arrogant as sexy and oblivious to Summer as one can be. She has loved this playboy from afar back home and hopes that when she attends the same school things will change. Little does she know that sometimes even the best laid plans go astray and for good reason. 

Summer is the type of girl everyone would want as a friend, she is smart, witty, beautiful and kind. The total opposite of Kevin. When she comes to see what her step brother really is she will also come to see that the bain of existence Caden, whom she does not have one kind thought for is actually more than meets her eye. 

When things do not go as planned and new players enter into the game what will happen? Will College teach these young adults more than what they need to secure careers? 

This story has EVERYTHING you would ever want .. drama, tension, lust, heart break and yes love. 

They will all come into their own and the author did a phenomenal job in developing these characters into what they become in the end. Perfectly paced, exquisitely written, I loved every moment of this story.