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Review : An Arrangement by Lindsay Marie Miller


‘An Arrangement’ by Lindsay Marie Miller was a first time read for me by this author and was an enjoyable read. 4 stars for this read that I enjoyed although it still had an infuriating character in Claire’s mother. The premise of the book is one that I (and probably most of you) have read, its a marriage of convenience that turns into so much more.

Claire returns from college and has to put her summer plans on hold as her younger sister has a heart condition and after exhausting all conventional treatments the only thing left is to try some experimental treatment. However in order to try these treatments Claire has to come up with money and although she is due to get her trust fund there is a proviso on it that she has to be married in order to get it but not just to anyone but to someone who has there own money too. This is where Benny comes into the picture.

Benjamin (Benny) is 28 years old and an independently wealthy billionaire who also happens to be Claire’s childhood crush. Clare approaches Benny with a proposition and he agrees to help her out. As a character he comes across as a caring, sweet and supportive individual that is also hot. He is very patient and there when Claire needs him most.

My biggest frustration with this book was with Claire’s manipulative mother and then impact her behaviour would have on Claire. Claire’s mother was mainly interested in money and what she could get and unfortunately this has Claire taking steps back and doubting her connection with Benny. Overall this is an easy read told solely from Caire’s point of view but for me Benny was the star.

Reviewed by Louise G.