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Review : The Arrogant Architect by LK Collins

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Every time I open a novel written by this talented author on my Kindle, I know I will be taken for one emotional roller coaster. The Arrogant Architect was no exception. 

From the moment I began to read I was tearing up one moment, laughing the next. This is how this author hooks her readers. Fresh and exciting characters along with a plot that has drama, passion, laughter and love. 

Everly will win your heart and Kingsley will capture your soul. Together they will own you. 

Things have not been easy for Ever. Ever since a heart wrenching loss she has been spiraling and the only thing keeping her sane is her job and dream along with her the only parent she has left, her dad. Work and her co workers have become her escape. Going through the motions of living without really feeling anything. That is her reality until one morning where a rude awakening changes her life forever. 

Kingsley is a smart, funny, arrogant to the tenth degree, controlling, sexy and rich man. He thinks the worlds bows to him and money can buy anything. How wrong he is .. if he thinks that about Ever. Their meeting sets the tone for their relationship. One where laughter and banter reigns and passion lies dormant waiting to explode. 

The witty banter and the way one man goes out of his to show a woman who has captured his heart what he can give her are just two aspects of what I loved about this story. So many more layers, twists and turns, ups and downs are weaved throughout this novel, that with each turn of the page you will be sucked into the world of The Arrogant Architect and the sassy smart mouthed woman.

They will both learn life lessons from each other, open their eyes to the world and maybe just maybe heal each other with a love that knows no boundaries. Will a King be able to make a woman who is his soul mate his Queen or will fate have something else in store for them? Will he be able to finally grant her all her wishes, one in particular ... OR when secrets are revealed will it be too much to bear. 

Read and go on this magically journey a MUST READ for any lover of Romance.