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Review : Autumn Allure by Allie Boniface

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

A wonderful heart warming tale of a man muddling through life with his playboy ways, a beautiful little angel, and one woman who will save them all and in the process herself. 

Nate is a sexy, womanizing playboy who up until recently was going through the motions of being an adult. His life changes instantly when a past lover turns up with a surprise that he never saw coming. He has a daughter, one who needs him more than ever. Autumn is troubled, and at the tender age of 4 this little girl has turned into herself. With a mother on the brink of death and a father she has never known .. Nate who has no clue on how to raise a child is in for a challenge like none other.   

Maxine a librarian with an over bearing mother has big dreams and one of them is getting far away from her controlling parent. Quiet, shy, strong and beautiful Maxine makes a deal with Nate that will be mutually beneficial for them both. 

This sets forth a chain of events that will at the end, change them all. Nate pretends to be Maxine's pretend fiancee in exchange for her to live with him and Autumn, helping the little girl. What starts out as a charade comes to become much more. Will these two be content with walking away with a good bye and a hand shake or will the attraction that has become to blossom win out ? 

A fast paced sweet tale with little angst and a lot of heart warming moments.