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Review : Beautiful Goodbye by H. d'Agostino


Heather D'Agostinio’s latest release ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ is a great 4 star read. I wasn't sure what I was in for after reading the prologue as that alone was enough to get the your heart feeling for Rachel and worry what was going to happen to her. After the death of her mother when she is quite young it was just Rachel and her father as she grew up. Although he has struggled at times her father was everything to her and we start the book with her deciding whether to take him off life support.

Being as close as they were she learned everything about cars from her father while helping at his garage so its no surprise that she continues to work there. Rachel McKenzie spends her time fixing cars and trying to keep her fathers garage going but is struggling more and more. She has no time for distractions at this time and has’t had the time to date for some time because of the amount of time she spends working. She finds it harder and harder to live her life by what her father would say to her.

‘He’d say, “Rach, things don’t always go the way we want them to, but how you react to them sets the tone for your life. Don’t let the bad things define you. Turn them into good ones. Always live, and have no regrets.”’

When he knocks into Rachel in a local bar Ryan Mitchell is quite taken by her and is thrilled to have met someone who knows nothing about his history. Living in a small community means that there is no escaping your past and Ryan hates the looks of pity and judgement he receives so loves that Rachel knows nothing about him. Ryan is a male nurse and loves what he does working with kids but he also hasn't had the time to spend meeting someone as he doesn’t really feel like he deserves love.

With the loss that Rachel has experienced in her life Rachel doesn't often let people in as she is scared of what might happen if she had to go through feeling like that again and is not sure that she would survive it. When she meets Ryan she tries to deny the connection but he is quite persistent and she can’t help but give in. 

Ryan and Rachel are a lovely couple but they each have their own crosses to bare and secret that they are keeping. Having the courage to get over your fear of loss and opening up your heart isn't easy but Rachel does it. Things aren't easy when secrets are revealed and it might just mean the end of them. 

This was a well written sweet tale of love and being able to open up to someone. It is also quite nice to see two characters employed in non typical gender roles. Ryan is quite adorable and worthy book boyfriend material and Rachel is quite a likeable character too. At times funny with banter back and forth this was a great read.

Reviewed by Louise G.