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Review : Between Clouds and Stars by Sharlyn G. Branson

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

This is a special, sexy and wonderfully written novel which takes place in the FUTURE ! It's not a genre I usually read but it is as romantic, passionate and engrossing as any other genre that I am drawn to. Sharlyn G. Branson is a new author for me and Between Clouds and Stars is the first but certainly not last novel I will read by her. 

I was pulled into the story of two people trying to achieve their HEAs. 

A story about a Alpha Billionaire who has it all and a woman trying to escape her troubled and abusive past. Nick has it all, money, power and any woman he wants. Estelle has had a rough, tough life since childhood she has been dealing with one form of a monster or another. After finally getting her life in the right direction she meets a man that will either break her heart for good or at last put her fractured soul back to together.

An opportunity arises where these two will finally been able to test the murky waters of love and passion, but what happens when the past makes a unwanted appearance, self doubts starts seeping in and danger is around the corner ? Will Nick finally be able to make the woman who has stolen his heart his or are they destined to have only a few stolen moments in time?

An exciting, fresh, steamy fast paced read that will make you wish for your own version of Nicholas Frey.