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Review : Black Lilith by Hazel Jacobs

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

When you think of a Rocker Novel you think of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll right ? Well what you will find between the pages of this novel is so much more. Filled with Humor, Drama, Danger, Passion and Music .. Black Lilith will instill in you the need to head to closest concert in hopes of finding your very own Logan !! 

I loved every moment of this story from start to finish. Mikayla recently graduated with a degree in Event Management. Her dream and the reality of her circumstances couldn't be farther apart but fated to be. Becoming a PA to a Rock Band is not something she is comfortable with or even really knows but her OCD and knowledge of management is something the band desperately needs, especially since they are short one PA. 

The chemistry between Mikayla and the lead singer Logan is explosive. They are instantly attracted to one another but being a new employee coupled with the bands no fraternizing policy place road blocks in regards to these two becoming anything more than friends. The remaining band members are all equally swoon worthy and in their own ways hilarious. The banter and friendship between them is palpable. 

Danger plagues the band and Mikayla is thrown in the middle of it all. Secrets threaten to tear apart a budding romance and all the while a band on the rise continues to make unforgettable music.

Will Logan and Mikayla ever be able to take their growing attraction further or will these two walk away with "what if's" and memories?

Make sure to get your copy today and lose yourself in music, passion and intrigue.