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Review : Break Down by A.M. Gillham

***Arc provided by the author for an honest review***

A. M. Gillham, Break Series starts out with Break Down. It starts off Zeke and Asha's story. Break Down is a great addition to the MC genre. A. M. Gillham did an amazing job with Zeke and Asha's characters. Her setting of the story and the concept around the Satan's Scoundrels, and the Chaos Crusaders is a new twist in the game. 

Zeke Cross is the hot as sin, Vice President to his father's motorcycle club, Satan's Scoundrels. Time moves faster for a man with ambition. And Zeke Cross has plans for the club. A club he devotes his life to, one he would die for. Even if his father doesn't understand time changes. Time moves on, and some old grudges die. And new people take over. 

Vince Rowe took over the Chaos Crusaders, hoping to change things. Make a memory of his dad's motorcycle club. One he wanted to be proud of. But things are hard when old grudges die hard. 

Can two people destined to hate each other change things? Can they change old ways of the club. But how could they change when old wounds find new salt. 
Salt in the form of a chaos princess finding herself in the arms of Zeke Cross. 

I loved the banter between Zeke and Asha. The small bits of sarcasm she spews towards him. They are funny to listen too. Asha holds her own amongst of the motorcycle gang. It was refreshing to find a woman not intimidated by the club's lifestyle. With her shyness at first, to her hard as steel spine. Zeke's rough around the edges, finds their own smoothness, when they meet Asha. No one has ever made this man wonder about his feelings. Have questions regarding another person. Having her in his life gives him something to live for. Gave him a purpose. 
Zeke finds out he can be the person he wants. The person he sees through Asha's eyes. 
How can two people find a way to love each other when somethings are destined not to last forever?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Break Down, I give it 4.5 stars. If you are a fan of MC novels, you need to read Break Down. If you haven't read a MC novel before, you will surely get hooked after this one. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.