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Review : Break Of Day by Mari Madison


Break of Day started off great. The characters were intriguing. The story is based off the 9 News weatherman, Asher Anderson, and producer, Piper Strong. Asher was the golden boy of the weather family, following in his father’s footsteps. Where Piper, was determined, career oriented woman, working her hardest to get the job she deserves. 

Their opening scene was funny and cute. As a reader, you fell in love with Asher from the start. Then there was Piper. You wanted to know what her deal was. Why was she scared of the water? Well, it was quickly explained why.

In the beginning, the story flowed fairly fast but then toward the end it really piddled out. Poor Asher, he literally did everything in his power to show he was not the guy that Piper thought he was. He truly was interested in Piper. Well, Piper being simply all about herself, thought he was trying to get into her pants and that is why she was promoted to his producer. Seriously……this girl was full of herself. 

Honestly, Piper drove me absolutely crazy. I get it, she has a troubled past. It was all about, “Look at me. I have done this and this. You ruined my career. You are selfish. Blah, blah, blah.” Really? This girl was so blind to everything Asher did for her. He truly cared for her and she was too worried about herself, yet she loved him. What???

Then Asher, man up and be a man. In this novel, you can tell it is a female writing a male character. The things he said, I would never imagine hearing another man talking like that. It was so a woman in a man’s body.  Then to be absolutely in love with a woman, who clearly did not put the effort into their relationship and he put up with it, was so unrealistic. Overall, the story started off strong but slowly faded away, to the point I was flipping pages. Mari Madison, you write really well but I feel this story could have been better. 

My rate is 3.5 stars based.

Reviewed by Kris F.