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Review : Chased By Love by Melissa Foster


‘Chased By Love’ by Melissa Foster is the 3rd book in ‘The Ryders’ series but can definitely be read as a standalone and I know this first hand. I haven't read the books that came before this one but will be catching up on them after reading this one. Melissa Foster is an author I have read before and always enjoyed and the time is no different with this ring a great 4 star read.

As an actress takes her role seriously and as someone who is really just starting out she wants to be taken seriously and doesn't have much time for those who don’t. Trish is super excited to begin work on the major movie that she has been cast in and with world famous rock star Boone Stryker no less. Unfortunately her excitement drains when she starts to discover that he doesn't quite have the same work ethic as her for this movie and slacks off often. When the director also gets fed up and sends them both off to the next location alone to work things out before the rest of the crew arrive, sparks begin to fly. Uninterested in being another conquest of Boone’s she refuses his advances until her feelings about him change.

Boone has a great life and is used to everyone accommodating him and is taken aback when Trish doesn't put up with his crap. He has lived the life expected of him as a rock star and loved it but things between him and Trish when he eventually begins to let his walls down and shows her who he truly is. 

The supporting cast of family and friends also play an important role in this book and were a welcome addition. There are lots of funny and emotional moments in the book as well as the sexual tension and banter shared between Trish and Boone. The chemistry between them sizzles on the page. This was a tale of two people realising their hearts desire and making themselves vulnerable by getting to know each other.

The writing in this book is as good as ever by Melissa Foster. Sizzling hot sex scenes, a story that pulls at your heart and another amazing guy to add to your book boyfriend list. I will definitely go back and read the previous books in this series. A great read that I am thrilled to recommend.

Reviewed by Louise G.