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Review : Conflicted by Lisa Suzanne


An intense well written story that will be have you hooked from the start ! 

Lisa Suzanne .. WOW just WOW .. your words wield power and your characters simply unforgettable. 

I loved all the heart pounding, panty melting moments and could not get enough of reading, I devoured this in one sitting.

Lucy loved her job. Loved it even more when her previous boss was at the helm. When her former Boss's son steps into the shoes of his father what Lucy is confronted with is an arrogant, stubborn, strong, sexy and powerful CEO. The love hate relationship between Lucy and Cole is explosive and forbidden. Nothing could ever come out the intense attraction, one he is her boss, two she is married. 

As we delve deeper and deeper, things are never what they seem. Lisa Suzanne is a genius with words and the twists and turns she takes us on keeps the reader guessing and wondering. The beauty of the story and the love of these characters comes not from their passion but what they endure to overcome all the obstacles standing in the way. 

Love is never easy and Lucy and Cole are the perfect example. 

What does one do when they are torn .. conflicted .. right and wrong .. black and white .. what happens when you want to explore the grey areas ? What do you do when in a loveless, unhappy marriage you are faced with temptation of epic proportions .. cheating is never right nor is the answer .. but when your heart is conflicted and you are faced with a decision what do you do? 

Lucy and Cole are in for one heck of a ride as are you dear reader .. so buckle in and get ready .. you are in a for a bumpy beautiful heart breaking ride.