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Review : Dare To Stay by Jen McLaughlin


When I first picked up ‘Dare To Stay’ by Jen McLaughlin I made the mistake of not reading the proceeding book in the series as I wasn't aware of the importance of reading the first book, BIG MISTAKE. Before you pick this book up you MUST read ‘Dare To Run’ so with that, I went and read the first in the series before coming back to this book. I was so glad I did and l loved this book giving it 4.5 stars.

As I have said this is the second book in the Sons of Steel Row series and starts just where the first book ends and although the main characters are different than the first book you should really read this seres in order. In this book we follow Chris O’Brien and Molly Lachlan as they are brought back together when Chris basically appears on her doorstep and to really understand how Chris feels the way he does and what has happened to influence his behaviour the first book is vital. Going into too much detail ruins the first book so I will leave it at that.

Chris and Molly are complete opposites but when he thinks of a safe place he thinks of her. There is a light that comes from Molly, she is sweet and loving while in comparison there is a darkness and danger that emirates from Chris. By appearing at Molly’s door and her taking him in puts her in danger but she can’t help but look after and love him. There is a pull between them as he also wants some of her light and love in his life but he has to make things right about what has happened. Chris is a bad guy, a killer but you can’t help but fall for him as Molly does. Regardless of what he has done there is a softer side to him that we see and there is hope that he has that he can have love and deep down there is someone worth saving in him. 

There is a lot of sexual tension between Chris and Molly as she tends to his wounds and looks after him as he heals. They crave each other and there is an intense need for each other. However, with Chris being at her home he brings danger to her door and he needs to protect her.

This book is also a gritty tale about gang life, righting wrongs, redemption and hope. The love and connection that Molly and Chris have is surrounded by danger from his gang life. It was a much more of an emotional read than I had expected and you really felt connected and invested in the characters as you read that only serves to make it much more enjoyable. Jen McLaughlin certainly manages to write a thrilling and compelling read that is all go right from the first few pages that you just can’t or will want to put down. Absolutely worth reading.

Reviewed by Louise G.