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Review : Down To My Soul by Kennedy Ryan


Being left quite emotional and distraught after reading the first book in the series I was excited and anxious about what was to come in this the next instalment. ‘Down To My Soul’ was as good as expected an takes us right back into the world of Kai and Rhyson. 4.5 stars of another amazing read. As this is the second book in the series and a continuation of the first it is important to read the first book before starting this one.

We find Kai and Rhyson on tour and apart in this book. Feeling that she needs to prove herself to everyone that she can make it on her own and be known as more than just Rhyson’s girlfriend but also needing time to herself Kai made the decision to be apart from Rhyson. Unfortunately there are still things that she feels she can’t tell Rhyson and opts to keep him in the dark, regardless of how much I wanted her to tell him.

Rhyson is determined to win Kai back after the secrets he kept tore them apart. Never giving up in his task to win Kai back h puts everything out there. Being able to watch Rhyson grow and open up throughout this book had you falling for him even more. He accepts his faults and knows he needs to work through them.

Right at the heart of this is a truly wonderful love story. A tale of forgiveness, understanding and learning to trust. The drama and emotions evoked when reading really connect you to the book and the characters. The supporting cast of characters played a great part in my enjoyment of this book too as I felt they were wonderfully portrayed.

Being able to watch these two people who had been torn apart work their way back together and deal with all the drama and emotion was as captivating as the first book. Kennedy Ryan seems to have an amazing talent for transporting the emotion from the page and making it real for the reader. Another wonderful read that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Reviewed By Louise G.