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Review : For Logan by Soraya Naomi

** ARC Provided by the author for an honest review ** 

I LOVED THIS BOOK ! I can't tell you much I enjoyed reading this heart pounding, racy, sexy, dangerous and OMG oh so good story. It was fast paced with all the elements I require for a 5+ star read ! The prologue sets the tone for the novel and right away you will know to settle in and get ready to enjoy the ride of your life. 

It is a stand alone but I suggest you read the whole series just so you can get a better feel for the characters as they all do play large roles in each story. 

Logan and Rosalia are a couple that on paper should never be together but in reality they are made for one another. One a CIA agent who is trying to become part of the Italian mob the other .. daughter of the former Mob Boss .. see told ya .. not so ideal on paper ! I feel in love with Rosalia's spunk and all around character. She was tough when needed and sweet where warranted. Her heart big and her smart mouth the bane of Logan's existence. The attraction between them is instant but then again they both know how it can never be .. As the story line progresses so do things between them. Finally giving into their desires, Logan and Rosalia set upon a journey of self discovery, second chances, and absolution. The banter between them is sometimes so funny I was snort laughing as well as feeling the underlying currents of the extreme attraction between them.

Bullets fly, tempers flare, danger surrounds them and together they will fight for family, love and each other. 

Read and find out how the story of Logan and Rosalia ends ..