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Review : Hand Me Down by Christen Gillan


Christen Gillan’s novel ‘Hand me Down’ was a great book to read and relax with on a lazy Sunday afternoon and that is exactly how I read it. This is a 5 star read and unbelievably it is the debut novel from this author.

I was captivated by Kate and somewhat related to the social awkwardness and need to appease her sister just to make life easier. Kate works from home on computer and also loves gaming online meaning that she doesn't go out often, preferring to keep her own company. Forced to accommodate her sister Jenny when she needs to use Kate’s kitchen and then when Jenny manipulates her into going to see Jenny’s ex husband on her behalf to ask for him to get the pipes fixed in Jenny’s house Kate realises just how low her sister will stoop. 

The encounter with Alex, Jenny’s ex goes pretty much to how Kate expected so she is surprised to find out he helped Jenny. Feeling that she needs to help Alex and give him a few choice words about Jenny she sets off to do just that not knowing that it would spark to life a new friendship and very confusingly the feeling of wanting more. She is quite conflicted by her growing feelings and really doesn't know what to do about them.

Kate is a sweet 23year old who tries her best not to set her sister off as she worries the effect it would have on her parents. Her sister Jenny is however spoilt and self indulged and has little regard for anyone else making it much easier as a reader to accept what is happing between Kate and her sister’s ex.

The writing was impeccable and you would never know that this was a debut novel. The characters are interesting and likeable making the read flow that much better. This is a quick enjoyable read that I would happily recommend. I will be keeping an eye out for any future work by Christen Gillan and am quite excited about what se might bring us next.

Reviewed by Louise G.