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Review : He Owns Me by J.L. Ostle

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

I was blown away by this book and I can't wait for more .. the author left us panting for more and let me tell me you the wait is going to KILL ME ! 

J.L. Ostle was able to convey such emotion, passion and vulnerability in her characters that you felt so deeply for them all. Her writing was spot on and flawless, taking you along on this journey of pain, love, and friendship. 

Raven and Jonny are best friends. They each face demons that will not let them rest. Both are running scared of their past and both are scared of embracing their future. Together they have found the elusive safe haven. Each giving to the other exactly what they need. One a sexy, dominant, rich and damaged man, the other just as damaged, beautiful, smart mouthed woman. I loved the bond these two had, especially the passion that sizzled between them and the banter that was at times, sexy and at times hysterical.

As the story develops and you as the reader come to realize the depth of these demons you understand their plight and your heart will break for them. Things are definitely not what they seem in this story and as Raven tries to be more more like her alter ego, she comes to realize that she is doing more harm than good. 

Can two people who's chemistry is explosive finally come together for a chance at a HEA or will the heat be too much to bear or even risk. What happens when fear is the biggest obstacle standing in your way ?

Get ready to blush, sigh, swoon, get pissed off and become so engrossed in a read that will leave panting for more.