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Review : Hollywood Hot Mess by Evie Claire

***Arc provided by the author for an honest review***

It's amazing for me to find a new author. And for me Evie Claire is a talented author. I can't wait to see what happens in this two part series. 

Hollywood Hot Mess. What can I say? HOT!!! MESS!!!!

Childhood TV star Carly Klein, was a A List star amongst the best that Hollywood had to offer. But when events in her life, causes her to steer to her own personal hell. She hits rock bottom. She never thought she would get a second chance. Because in Hollywood once you find yourself on the side of tabloids, and the scrutiny of your fame. You are almost always forgotten amongst the producers and directors in Hollywood. You will never work another day in your life. No more movies for you. 

But for Carly, fresh out of rehab, give her the shining chance of staring opposite of America's Sexist Man Alive, Devon Hayes. 
They have a rock start amongst themselves while filming, their attitudes towards each other is froster than their location.

But when Devon makes a chance at a white flag, they find themselves together whisked away to a small island. And things tend to heat up on the small island between the two. 
Devon is fourteen years older than Carly Klein. She thinks he's an arrogant brick, despite his age. That Devon has got everything figured out. While she's struggling to get her life in to focus.  
Things in her life doesn't always leave her. Things she can't forget. All the alcohol, the drugs had taken their toll on her. Even now she's struggling to hold it together every day. These are some of the things she's not showing with Devon. For she thinks the worst of him. But he thinks the same to her. She's just a spoiled brat, a washed up child actor. 

But there is more to these characters. How Evie gives you an up and coming romance novel, she gives you a dark gritty underlaying.  The depth and struggles within them are more realistic. Not just for Carly, but for Devon as well. Carly Klein even through her self-centered, mean spirited tendencies; she is a broken 19 year old. A 19 year old who is lashing out through her actions. She makes bad choices, without grasping the consequences. Devon Hayes has his own struggles he has dealt with. A secret he has to keep. Devon is an example, of even when you are an adult, and to the world you should have everything figured out. And Devon even with his years in Hollywood he doesn't have everything in his life together. 

Devon and Carly are broken beyond repair, both desperate to find a way to mend their broken souls. Can Carly find a way to confide in Devon. Can Devon find a way to let someone in? 
The Hollywood Hot Mess series, is a hot new kind of mess you want to tangle yourself with. Visually I find myself shying away from Hollywood types. But this new series is something I want to devour. I can't wait for Total Trainwreck. I give Hollywood Hot Mess 5 stars. 

Reviewed by Lindsey W.