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Review : I Can't Die Alone by Regina Bartley

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

This .. OMG .. this book has left me reeling. Regina Bartley has yet again written a powerful, emotional novel that will shaken to the core. 

Tori has just received life altering news about her health. With only a few precious months left on this earth she embarks on a journey to find a man, the last connection to her mother who has passed. With little to no family, Tori's biggest fear is dying alone. Setting forth on this journey she will come to find that love is unexpected and that fate is always ever present. 

Benjamin Cooper was the man her mother had only truly loved. It is Tori's mission to locate him and in her final days feel a connection with someone who knew her family one last time. Ben is not the only man who comes into life however, Bo .. oh Bo he will be the one to show this beautiful soul what true love means and how bittersweet it can be. The evolution of this story between the characters is magical and with every turn of the page will have you more and more invested. 

I Can't Die Alone will gut you, tear you apart, leave you bawling but make no mistake about it .. it will forever remain with you.