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Review : Just Friends by Monica Murphy

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

An addictive, engrossing read about first loves, first heart breaks and the meaning of friendship. 

I was swept away and invested till the very end. Monica Murphy did an outstanding job keeping the reader guessing, wondering and reflecting back on their own experiences in what one can only call the best and hardest years of our lives. 

Three best friends .. Dustin, Emily and Olivia. They have been inseparable for a long time. The summer before senior year changes the dynamics of the trio, throw in a sexy new transfer named Ryan and you have the makings of one complicated situation. 

Hormones run rampant and add to it the pressures of High School things get out of hand pretty quickly. 

Returning home from a summer away Olivia finds herself the odd man out. Things have changed and she can't pin point what it is but the lingering feeling is there. When she meets Ryan it's an insta love hate relationship. Her friends seems distant yet the same. Her home life meh and the looming school year scary. But what she never suspected is that the person she thought as an arrogant prick will be the one picking up the pieces as well as shattering the illusion of innocence. 

What happens when a betrayal so deep is revealed? New friendships will be formed along with alliances and everything they depended on will be become unsteady. Will the trio be able to hang onto a long lasting friendship? Will forgiveness be granted ? and who will be end up together? 

The novel ends on a heart stopping note and I can't wait for Book Two to see where the author will take these characters. I loved each of them .. faults and all and can't wait to read more about the secondary characters I hope the author will feature. 

A great read about the trials and tribulations of young love.