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Review : Just A Girl by Ellie Cahill


Just a Girl by Ellie Cahill was a 4 star read for me.

 It was about a super talented girl; Presley; who was in a up and coming band that was kicked out from by her own boyfriend.  She moved back home and started working for her parents music store.  This is where she meets super good looking guitar teacher Paul.  When her and Paul start seeing each other, she finds out he has his own band and is struggling to deal with the stage fright he is over medicating himself for.  When the bands front man leaves, they ask for Presley to step in, but she is afraid to do so after what happened before.  Presley makes a foolish mistake and starts to realize that music isn't everything.  That sometimes love is more important than anything.  Paul is such a sweet guy who doesn't want to be in the spotlight but is more than happy to be on the sidelines watching Presley fulfil her dreams.  

This book was more than just about 2 people, but about how it is to deal with the music industry, how stardom changes people and how with the help of good people you can find yourself.  

Reviewed by Jennifer A.