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Review : Last Chance by L.P. Dover

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

Last Chance by L.P Dover was a first for me, and a novel I really enjoyed. It’s a story about second chances, but with kind of a twist. 

To rehash the blurb briefly, we meet Luke Collins, a bad boy vying to redeem himself, not only in the field of motocross, but also to win back the girl he lost.

Lara Jacobs is our main girl, one who after having a one night stand with Luke, gets her heart broken and chooses to fall into the arms of her close friend. Said ‘close friend’ – Grayson Moore, also loves Lara, and is determined to make her see that she is better off with him and not Luke.

Add in some tragedy, and this love triangle has the potential to set any reader on a stormy ride. 

What I enjoyed about this book was that it catered to those of us who sometimes just want something a little less intense, that we can devour in one sitting. It offered everything you expect in a romance novel – steamy sex scenes, with moments that will pull on any women’s heart strings. 

In many romance novels you find there is a predictability about them that makes it hard to actually sit and read the whole story without skimming through sections. That was definitely not the case with Last Chance as just when you thought you knew what was going to happen, our author decided to through in a few twists or surprises to keep it interesting. I love when this occurs because it gives you the opportunity to feel the character’s happiness, and their pain. 

The concept of this story line though, is what drew me in, especially the idea of what lengths one person would have to endure, to prove they are worthy of a second chance. 

Will Lara choose Grayson – the safe bet, the one who appears to be the less likely to break her heart, or Luke – the one who is willing to fight dirty for her, but has never given her a reason to believe he is worthy of holding her heart. 

This is a fantastic read and one I am happy to recommend

This is a five star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J