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Review : Meant to be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry


This is the first time I have read a novel by Lisa Marie Perry. At first when I started reading “Meant to be Mine”, I was a little turned off with the overuse of description. It was way too much and caused me the reader to be slightly bored and did not leave much for imagination. Once I got past all the description, I was able to dive into the story. The story was about Sophia, who came back for her great Aunt Luz’s funeral. She runs into an old friend named, Burke. Sophia makes the big decision to come back to her old town and continue her great aunt’s legacy.

Sophia has battled with congestive heart failure her entire life which resulted in her having a heart transplant. As a medical professional, I was quickly skeptical of the details of this. However, Lisa Marie did a fantastic job giving enough accurate information to make Sophia’s health condition believable until she mentioned renal disease. I had to step back and stop the health provider in me before going too crazy with the lack detail. 

I have to say this was a well written novel and I see a lot of potential in Lisa Marie’s writing. 

However, this story could have been shorter and focused more on Sophia and Burke. I felt this novel was going all over the place with other character’s point of view. There were too many stories that were being told which made this novel a long read. In my opinion, it could have been cut down. 

The background story of Sophia and Burke was fantastic. I loved how they were able to stop hurting one another and come together. This story ended in a HEA. I was very pleased with this because I felt they were truly “meant” for each other. There were a lot of fun characters in this novel. I honestly cannot wait to read Joss’s story. I fell in love with her character. I wanted to read more about Joss than Sophia. 

Overall, my rating is 3.5 stars. 

Reviewed by Kris F.