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Review : My Soul To Keep by Kennedy Ryan


Being new to author Kennedy Ryan I wasn't sure what to expect but was captivated by this charming story. I hadn't read the synopsis so really didn't know that ‘My Soul To Keep’ was going to be as an emotional and hit so many of the genres that I love to read. 4 stars for a brilliant read.

Told through dual points of view we really get to know and feel for everything that Kai and Rhyson experience. This book is emotionally charged and will leave your heart aching for them. Both characters have had such tragedy in their young lives that you cant help but cheer them on from the sidelines hoping they achieve some happiness and love.

When tragedy changes Kai’s life she uproots to LA to try and follow in her dreams that have been calling to her for so long. She is entranced when she sees Rhyson on stage totally lost in his music and she sees her idol lost to music in the same way as she gets. Music is not what she does but is who she is as she feels it in her soul.

To anyone looking in Ryhson is living his dream of being a star. Living a life of excess with different women on his arm and never the same one he is stunned and helpless as he drawn to Kai. She is focused on what she wants to do and refuses to be distracted by him. A true friendship rises between them and they let each other in.

A story that incorporates music, friendship, love and heartfelt drama that you can’t help but feel a connection for. As a person who loves music of all kinds and for any memory of importance in my life I have a sound track to go with it, I totally understood the importance of music and what they felt for it. The writing is brilliant and flows melodically carrying you along with it. I was so happy to have the next book to read straight away as I couldn't have coped with the ending otherwise.

Reviewed by Louise G.