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Review : Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward


Penelope Ward has another awesome book to add to her list of achievements. ‘Neighbor Dearest’ is 5 star read that draws you in from the start. The main character in this book is one we have met before in ‘Stepbrother Dearest’ although in that book things didn't work out for her so now she gets her own story.

Chelsea has had her heart broken and doesn’t feel she will ever get over it. Uprooting everything to move out of the flat that she shared with her ex as it has too many reminders both good and bad but overall it is just too much for her. Settled into her new flat she meets her new gorgeously handsome but also very uptight angry neighbor. Her neighbour begins to get under her skin even though he doesn't talk to her and only grunts in her direction but she cant help but admire his looks.

After initial frustrations caused by his dogs things take a turn when they begin chatting and a sexually charged friendship begins. Damien makes it very clear that he wants nothing to happen between the two of them even if though the air is thick with chemistry and sexual tension. Damien even goes as far to help Chelsea set up an online dating profile but she can’t help wanting Damien as more than a friend.

“I was developing a massive crush on this man. It felt like there should have been a warning alarm going off at the same time, though. He’d told me he had no interest in a future with anyone who wanted to get married or have kids. His last relationship ended because of that issue.”

Damien and his double D’s (his dogs Dudley and Dreyfus) will steal your heart before you realise it. He is beyond hot and sexy but also arty and romantic. He’s sweet, considerate and even self sacrificing in order to make others happy and get everything that they deserve even if it is not what he wants deep down. We also find that he can be possessive and dominant when it comes to what is his and it makes him so much hotter.

A story of friendship and love that will pull at your heart and have you praying that everything works out. There were parts I was dreading when reading as I was scared that it wouldn’t go how I wanted but regardless I could’t put the book down and had to read it in one sitting. You truly believe in the love and decisions made to be everything for the person who holds your heart.

This develops into a story of true soulmates willing to sacrifice and be there for each other. Chelsea grows from a broken person into a strong and determined female that knows what she wants. She is an extremely likeable character and  the book is told from her perspective. What can I say about Damien other than you will LOVE him. The heat between them is riveting to read as the writing is wonderful as always with Penelope Ward. If you haven't already read Stepbrother Dearest I also recommend giving that a go and I live in hope that there will be another book added to this series about Chelsea’s sister Jade. I highly recommend to all romance lovers.

Reviewed by Louise G.