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Review : Oblique by Adrian J. Smith


This story was written exceptionally well. This is the first woman on woman novel I have read, and I have to say I really did enjoy the story. ‘Oblique’ by A.J. Smith was a great read.

Adrian J. Smith really impressed me with her knowledge of pregnancy and the steps that went with a long with pregnancy. I assuming she has had a baby or worked as an RN in labor and delivery. She was spot on with everything pregnancy related. Well done, AJ.

Now for the story itself, when I received this novel for a review, I had no idea it was going to be a lesbian love story. Yeah, I had many moments of giggles because well it was my first. As the story progressed, it was quite beautiful watching the relationship of Kara and Tiny develop. They had many, many ups and downs like any relationship would but it was two woman. With that, there was a lot of drama between the two. Woman and their feelings, no matter how hard we try to hold back, our emotions always get the best of us. It was very evident in this novel. Adrian Smith portrayed those dynamics well. 

There are few things I would like to mention about this story. Granted, it was a great story but it was not a quick read. I found myself getting tired with some of the scenes, even the hot and steamy scenes. It could be that my interest is not the gay and lesbian genre, but I feel this story could have moved a lot quicker. Her attention to detail was fantastic but at times it was a little too much. For example, the multiple doctor visits. They became very redundant. However, in those scenes,  you saw a lot of the chemistry between Tiny and Kara.  Next, the story was a little predictable. I was able to figure out all the curve balls that Adrian was trying to throw the readers way before it happened. I am not giving any details because I don’t want to ruin it for anybody else. All I have to say, it deals with the character Alyssa.

Now for how I felt about the characters, I loved Tiny and got really annoyed with Kara. I felt Kara led Tiny on way too much. Tiny is a strong woman but when it came to Kara, she became mush. Even at the end, Kara still drove me nuts.

Overall, the story was great. I would definitely recommend this book to all my lesbian friends who enjoy reading. I feel it is story they would enjoy because I enjoyed it. 

My rating is 5 stars.

Reviewed by Kris F.