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Review : Oxygen Deprived by Lani Lynn Vale

Oxygen Deprived (Kilgore Fire, #3)


Oxygen Deprived by Lani Lynn Vale is the third book in the Kilgore Fire series  .  It is very interesting and has a few curves that will keep you interested during the whole novel  .

Drew is recently divorced  .  He is a volunteer fire fighter  ,  a medic for the SWAT team and all around good guy  .  He has a fifteen year old daughter who is very angry at him due to the fact of the divorce and her mother not being in a good place emotionally  .  But he has to keep moving forward in his life  .

Aspen is currently under house arrest  .   She had a crazy moment that involved her finding her ex-boyfriend with another woman and she trashed his truck and knocked him out a little  .  Her ex just happens to be a police officer and she just happened to commit the crime while in front of several other police officers  .  Luckily  ,  she can do her job from home  ,  so she is not inconvenienced in that way  .  And her job is very interesting  .

Drew and Aspen are neighbors  .  They live across the street from each other  .  He helps her out a couple of times do to the fact that she can only move so far outside of her yard space  .  As the time goes by, they begin to spend more and more time together  .  He actually shows up to her house when her turkey gets burnt in the oven one day  .  They begin to see that maybe they could be good for each other  .

During this time  ,  both of them have to contend with their exes individually and as a couple  ,  but they are able to work together to get over the issues that come at them as a team and as a support to each other  .  They also have a good support system in the fire fighter and police squads  .

I really liked this book and I would rate it at four stars  .