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Review : Perfect Ten by Nikki Worrell


I can't quite believe that ‘Perfect Ten’ is the first book by Nikki Worrell that I have read and I have to say I loved it. I’m sorry it took me this long to discover her books but I am glad I have. ‘Perfect Ten’ was a 4.5 star read for me.

Needing to attend her sister’s wedding (a sister who is pretty awful to her) Faith relents to her friend and agrees to take an escort with her. However when she sees Joe she is reluctant to continue with the idea. After years of built up insecurities it is difficult for Faith to believe that someone like Joe would ever be interested in her. Not only that but she doesn't believe that anyone else would believe it either.

“Oh, no way. I’m not hiring some pretty boy to take me to my sister’s wedding . They’ll see through that right away. Those escort guys are hot. No hot guy is going to want this.”

Being a male escort Joe Starling has discovered what makes women scream and has used this to his advantage. Although technically he isn't meant to sleep with clients that hasn't stopped him from indulging on occasion. Working for “Perfect Ten’ escort services Joe has enjoyed the attention that his job has got him and the extra services he has provided but that is starting to grow old. When joe meets Faith he is intrigued by this beautiful woman ho doesn't see who she is on the outside and he cant seem to get enough of her. All he wants to do is make her see just how beautiful she really is.

This is a tale that highlights that beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder and that we too often allow the opinions of others and the media to dictate what we should be and strive to be. Perfection isn’t found in being a size two or size zero and there is in fact no such thing that fits everyone. Being exactly who she is what makes Faith perfect for Joe but he just has to convince her of that because she certainly doesn't see it.

Joe and Faith have obstacles to face and lives o contend with but if they want to be together they need to believe in it and work for it. The friendship, love and heartfelt moments are what makes this is a great read. I loved that this was a tale with a great story but also with a message that we tend to forget at times and don’t often find when reading romance. Beauty is something different to everyone but being beautiful on the inside definitely makes us more beautiful on the outside too.

Reviewed by Louise G.