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Review : Perv by Dakota Gray

** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ** 

Fast paced, sexy, hot and DIRTY ... WOW .. I must say the author was very very descriptive and I loved every filthy second of it ! 

How do you take down ones ego a few notches ? Hit him where it hurts or in this case .. play with his mind in such a way he doesn't know which way is up and all he can do is think about possessing you. 

Nate is a Perv but he also so much more. You will love him and hate him and secretly wish you will one day meet your own foul mouthed version. He makes no excuses for his behavior .. what you see is what you get and he is perfectly happy with the way things are. That is until one day a sexy beautiful stranger knocks him down on his tushie.

Robyn started this whole "game" out of loyalty towards a friend, however what ended up happening was much more than she bargained for. Tough, gifted and passionate, she comes to realize that there really is more to a man than meets the eye or the gossip. 

Nate and Robyn start things off playing .. when reality seeps in and things start becoming much to real how will they cope? Will they walk away from one another each getting what they wanted or will fate have something totally else in store for them? 

Explicit as is touching Perv will set your kindle's on fire.