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Review : Shelter Me by Stephanie Tyler

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

I have been fortunate over the past few weeks to have had many different genre books to review on and Shelter Me by Stephanie Tyler was another one to add to that list.

The concept of this story grabs your interest from just reading the blurb!

Just think about it……. What would you…… the reader, do if you lost all your memories??

To be honest, it’s not really something I would have ever considered until I read this story.

But, back to our novel. This was a fantastic story about Cathryn ‘Ryn’ Taylor, a girl who has no recollection of her life before she turned seventeen. A girl who becomes an artist, and uses painting as a means of healing. Well, that is until she meets Lucas Caine at a galley showing of her work.

Lucas is a gorgeous mysterious man, who Ryn becomes instantly attracted to, but he also gives off vibes that he is very dark, and dangerous. There is a chemistry between these two that is undeniably hot. There is a lot of gripping, edge of the seat, thrilling moments in this tale, that keeps you enthralled until the end. The problem with that is, it leaves you craving for the next installment.

What also attracted me to this story was how cleverly written it was, and how much thought went into producing such an intriguing thriller. The writing style of this author was incredibly good and I really did love the way she blends her secondary characters into her story to give them a moment under the spotlight as well.

The other point that sold me on Stephanie’s writing skills was the lack of predictability in her story, making me hang on every word until the end to truly know what was going to happen.

What happened in this girl’s past and who can she trust? ……… is everything as straightforward as it seems? I’m going to make you read the book to find out.

This is a five star read for me.

Reviewed by Stacey J