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Review : The Sleeping Serpent by Luna Saint Claire


I was surprised when I saw that this was a debut novel as ‘Sleeping Serpent’ by Luna Saint Claire is an extremely well written complex erotic thriller novel that hooks you from the start. It is a book that definitely gets you thinking and has you changing your opinions about the characters the further in the story you get.

Nico is a character that I loved to begin with but that changed quite a bit as the story went on. He is a sexy as hell, smooth talking yoga instructor that has women falling at his feet. For him they were a means to get what he wanted and he knew how to manipulate them. The emotions evoked by this character alone and what he got away with was almost enough to have me throwing my kindle but I just needed to know what happened.

I really enjoyed this book as it was something different from what I had been reading  of late and had me gripped right to the end. I was emotionally involved with the characters and at times wished I could shake them or worse to bring them to their senses. The writing flowed and gripped you from the first chapter. This is not an easy book to read at times as it does bring out so much emotion, frustration, anger, fear that make it somewhat uncomfortable but at the same time that is what makes you keep reading. 

This was not an easy book to write a review for as reading it had me twisted in knots and I had to think about how it made me feel and how I could describe that in a review. ‘Sleeping Serpent’ is not a book that you read and move onto the next straight away it needs time to digest and recover from reading. A brilliant debut novel and I can’t wait to read what else Luna Saint Claire has in store for us. She is definitely an author to watch. 5 stars for this book.

Reviewed by Louise G.