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Review : Stroked by Meghan Quinn

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

Stroked is the first novel in the Stroked series by Meghan Quinn  .  
Reese King is an Olympic swim star  .  He has competed in three prior Olympics and is currently training for his fourth and final Olympics  .  He has only been able to receive the silver medal in all of his years due to the fact that he has let life distract him during the time when he needs all of his focus to be on winning the gold  .

Paisley is a former production assistant who lost her job due to being distracted herself  .  She is currently persona non grata in the business and has been unemployed for six months  .  Her one last chance to be able to be in the business is by being the personal assistant to Bellini Chambers  .   
And so the fun begins  .  Bellini is a pampered princess who constantly complains and is never satisfied with anything  .  She feels as if she is deserving of everything that she can possibly want and doesn’t care how she treats others  .  And she is the current girlfriend of Reese King  .  Bellini is the star of her own tv show and Reese has signed a contract in order to participate in the show for the season  .

Reese and Paisley are instantly attracted to each other  .  Paisley fights the attraction because of her job and the relationship between Reese and Bellini  .  Paisley needs for this job to work out for her  .  So she will do anything that she has to do  ,  even grovelling and bowing to Bellini  .

Reese and Paisley begin a relationship that bolsters both of their careers  .  Reese is able to train really hard for the Olympics  .  He is encouraged by Paisley to do the best that he can to be the best in his final try for the gold medal  .  Paisley is encouraged by Reese to continue to work as hard as possible to continue to move up in her career  .

This novel was very good  .  I would be interested in reading the entire series  .  I would give this novel five stars  .

Reviewed by: Nicole W.