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Review : The Summer Before Forever by Melissa Chambers

***ARC In Exchange for an Honest Review***

Overcoming person obstacles, trusting, and loving are lessons that Melissa Chambers writes about in The Summer Before Forever.  When I first read the synopsis I though to myself "Another step-brother book, but now in the YA category"... Geez what was wrong with me because this book was not what I expected.  It's YA so of course I shouldn't have though that, but Melissa did an awesome job of making this book into so much more than a stepbrother crush or love story.  She input so much feeling and learning lessons into this book.

Chloe is about to embark on a full summer of living with her father, who she hasn't seen in 5 months and is about to be married.  She brings along her best friend Jenna for the summer for support and because she is about to meet the stepbrother that she learned she is about to inherit.  When her and Jenna arrive at her dad's house, she definitely does not expect her soon to be stepbrother to be so gorgeous and nice.  Jenna, being the outgoing and big-mouthed best friend that she is, cannot help herself with letting Chloe know what she thinks of Landon, and this leads to many thoughts in Chloe's head on how she needs to view him as a stepbrother, and not the Adonis she sees.

Landon knows he is getting a new stepsister and has swore to his mom on his life that he will not touch either of the girls when they arrive and stay for the summer, but he cannot seem to get his new soon to be stepsister out of his mind after meeting her.  He seems to find himself constantly offering to take them places and wanting to be around them, especially Chloe. 

    "But the way I am feeling towards this girl... this future stepsister of mine... I feel like I need to set some boundaries for myself.  Saying it out loud might help."

Tensions run a bit high between the two when they figure out to themselves that they cannot help their attractions to each other.  They both have secrets they are keeping from each other, but Landon finds out Chole's secret without her knowing.  He tries to keep it from her that he knows, but eventually he lets it slip that he knows which makes her feel extremely vulnerable to him.  She is already self conscious about herself and with him finding out her secret, it makes it a bit worse.  With Landon knowing her secret, he feels like he should tell her his, but he cannot bring himself to let her know it because he does not want the pity that everyone else gives him regarding it.  Insert the place where both have to learn to trust each other and overcome their current and past events.

I love when there are secrets between two people because it causes tension with a story.  This one it isn't too much tension because they are young, but it is enough to keep a reader invested to see what is going to happen.  I absolutely loved Chloe and Landon and when both of their secrets came out, I loved them more.  Landon was such a great guy and he cared so much about Chloe, that it just melted your heart.  He is one character that grew on me and I wanted to see everything he was going on in the story work out for the absolute best for him because he deserved it, well they both did.

Of course you cannot have a story without a "villan" and you will find that in this one as well.  You get sucked in by this person because they will make you like them for the role they play but them bam, you smacked in the face by them at one of the best times in the book.  Notice I'm not telling you who it is... guess you have to read this story to see for yourself!

I am giving this book 4 solid stars because I was touched by the characters and the lessons to learn in the story.  Melissa did an awesome job and I honestly hope maybe sometime she will give Jenna her own story because I loved that spunky, loud mouth girl &#X1f609

Reviewed by Jodi N.