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Review : Summer of Irreverence by Catherine Goldstein

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

WoW…….. what a change of scenery Summer Irreverence was!! 

Catherine Goldstein is another new author for me, but I enjoyed this novel that much I will be making it a mission of mine to continue reading more of her work. 

This novel was a change of pace for me, I mean a veterinary surgeon, and a rock star…….. what are the odds?

When Summer Wynters decides she wants more from her life than what she has she, she spends her last free summer break before fully committing to her work obligations, in New York. Her reasoning for this, is to break all her straight-laced rules with, of all people, a rock star by the name of Malcolm Angel. 

Malcolm Angel is a rock star who oozes sex appeal, and sings about love and romance, but does he believe in it himself? ….. No, he believes he is unworthy.

I loved this particular novel, because it was a light, beautifully written romance. where you get that little touch of something more. It revolves around two people who are out for nothing more than a bit of fun, but discover what they have found is nothing they ever expected. Falling in love with these lead characters was easy, and you found yourself feeling their struggle, as they both try to move forward from the demons in their past. 

This really was a refreshing find, and something I believe you all should have a look at.

This is a five star read from me. 

Reviewed by Stacey J