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Review : Swear On This Life by Renée Carlino


 Having heard only great things about but not having read anything by Renee Carlino yet I was quite eager to read ‘Swear On This Life’. I have to say that everyone was right and I thoroughly enjoyed the second chance romance and give it 4.5 stars.

I love second chance novels as I’m a real sucker for a good romance but this was the first one I had read like this. Not before have I read a novel within a novel and although a bit surprised by it to begin with I thoroughly enjoyed the style it was written in.

Emiline is a college graduate that is teaching writing but is struggling with her own writing and getting frustrated with those around her and their moderate successes. She is a person who lives in the moment and is somewhat closed off even to her boyfriend of the past few years who she has managed to keep from opening her heart fully to. Looking for some escape and  inspiration she dives into the new book that everyone is talking about and she is stunned by what she finds.

Reading the first few pages she realises she is not just reading some fictionalised tale but is actually reading her past written in front of her. What we get is a tale of two friends, a tale of first love but also of a horrible time the she went through. Emiline is rightly enraged by her childhood best friend and her first love Jase Colbertson who has managed to not only sensationalise but also profit from her horrific childhood.

We are taken on an emotional journey through the past and of discovery as Emiline tries to discover who she truly is now. There were a few times when I thought the book was going a bit slow but you realise that this is a book about discovering yourself and living today to its fullest, that no matter what life puts us through we have to be able to forgive, have hope and to find happiness.

Jase and Emilie’s story isn't explosive and all go go go as we find some other books to be but was instead a quite simple but sensitive story of second chance love after being apart for one a decade. By reading the book written by Jase and by reconnecting with him Emiline is forced to look inside and deal with some of tragedies of her past that she has kept hidden. Such a beautiful read that will definitely have me picking up more books from Renee Carlino.

Reviewed by Louise G.