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Review : Tied Score by Elia Winters


 After reading the first in the series I was looking forward to reading ‘Tied Score’ by Elia Winters and was pleased with what I read. You might be mistaken by the book cover and blurb with just how hot and sexy this series of books are and this one has even more heat than the first. This is worthy of 4 hot stars. 

Like the first book this one focuses on employees in the gaming company and in particular this one centres around Iris, who we met previously and Owen, a pastry chef. Iris finds her life at work quite mundane and needs to find her excitement elsewhere and she isn't keen on commitments and relationships. Owen on the other hand works unsociable hours and this hinders his dating prospects. Added to that problem is that he finds it difficult to find  woman who likes being the dominant in the bedroom as he likes relinquishing control in that department as he can’t in any other aspect of his life.

Iris and Owen click when she asks him to ‘hang out’, both of them knowing that this implies more than just hanging out. Things for the two of them seem to be explosive in the bedroom with the tow of them relishing in their respective roles. Being able to control Owen’s sexual pleasure and release provides such a turn on and deep pleasure for Iris. They are such a hot compatible couple and are thrilling to read about. 

A big difference for me when reading this book is that the heroine in our story, Iris is the dominant in this BDSM relationship. Not having come across this much before it was quite refreshing to have this new perspective. What I thoroughly loved was that even though Owen wasn't the dominant in the bedroom he was still strong, confident and quite masculine in other aspects of their relationship and at his work. This book is very hot and steamy read that will grip you from start to finish. Owen and Iris are such likeable characters that you will enjoy reading about them and their journey together as their feelings grew to be more than just what was in the bedroom. This is a great series to read and I can’t wait to see where the next book will go as it is to be a M/M romance. 

Reviewed by Louise G.