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Review : Waking Up With A Billionaire by Katie Lane

***   ARC provided by the author for an honest review  ***

Waking up with a billionaire is the third novel in the Overnight Billionaires series by Katie Lane  .  
Grayson Beaumont is the youngest of three brothers  .  He has quite a bit to deal with  .  His main issue is that he has painter’s block and cannot seem to paint anything  .  This is a problem because painting is his release and his way of functioning in the world  .  He is still grieving over the loss of his mother at the age of eight  .  He was raised by his two older brothers  .  He is part of the family conglomerate  ,  French Kiss  .  He has to pull it together in order to cover for his two brothers who are currently out of the office  .  One having just married and on his honeymoon  .  The other  ,  just having a child and out on paternity leave  .  This is a big step for him  ,  because he has not been a main part of the business because of his painting  .

Chloe is a runaway  .  She ran away from home after her mother died and a big secret is revealed  .  She is not sure where her life will lead  .  She is afraid to become attached to people because she fears that she will never be able to ever settle down into her life  .  She plans to move away again just as soon as she is able to earn the money to do so  .

Chloe goes to Grayson in order to model for him so that she can earn the money to leave the country  .  Having found out that Grayson has painter’s block  ,  she works to find a way in order to help him to be able to create once again  .

During their time together  ,  both are afraid to open up to the other and to experience love  ,  because life has not dealt them a good hand  .  They share so much more than they know  .  And the more that they learn about each other  ,  the closer that they become  .

This novel was great  .  I would be interested in reading the entire series  .  I would give this novel five stars  .

Reviewed by: Nicole W.