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Review : When Love Breaks by Kate Squires


 Having not read any of Kate Squires’ other books I wasn’t sure what to expect but ‘When Loves Breaks’ was a great read.4 stars for the book that is full of hurt, anger, hope, love and healing.

Angry at himself and the world Logan is a former soldier who has both legs amputated and is now confined to a wheelchair. Struggling to cope and see any purpose in living Logan’s brother hires him a health aide as he is determined to prove to his brother that his life is not over. This is where Elora comes in. Although Logan has issues with all the other health aides around him he actually finds that he doesn't mind having Elora around.

Elora is a sweet girl and she wasn't looking forward to working with Logan as she had heard such awful stuff from all the other health aides that worked with him. However even through his attempts to put er off by being mean to her she can sense that he is not all that bad and there is someone else underneath all that anger.

It doesn't take long for things to develop between Elora and Logan as thy enjoy being in each others company and she helps him to see more for his future. There feelings continue to increase the more time they spend together. Elora was able to open Logan’s eyes to his possibilities and the fact that he had a lot o be grateful for.

Of course things can’t progress that easy and there are obstacles and heart brea that they have to try and overcome if they want to be together. This book is told from both points of view, allowing for a deeper connection to the characters. Although there are some emotional parts it is really great to see the relationship grow and develop between these two. This is a tale of ordinary realistic people and their struggles dealing with the hands they have been dealt. A really lovely story of love and acceptance that I truly appreciated having the chance to read.

Reviewed by Louise G.