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Review : Wicked Beautiful by J.T. Geissinger


I have read a couple of books by J.T. Geissinger before so had expectations of what the writing would be like and those high expectations were met. ‘Wicked Beautiful’ is the first in the Wicked Games series and what a way to start! 4.5 stars for this funny, feisty and sexy tale of revenge and regret.

Victoria Price is the Queen of Bitches and would tell every female to become their inner bitch to get what they deserve. I actually found the speech she gave at the beginning quite worth reading and inspiring. The woman in white, Victoria gives off the ice queen persona, a man-eater who is not affected by anyone. This persona has been 15years in the making and was born after she was broken by her one true love as a teenager. 

Brought up in a life of luxury and wealth, Parkers life is at an opposing end of the spectrum from Isabel the love of his life. None of that matters to Parker though or so Isabel thought until he left her abruptly without any reason or explanation. 

When Victoria walks into Parker’s restaurant she is stunned beyond belief and feels her well constructed life might come tumbling down but when he doesn't recognise her it also gives her the perfect opportunity to get revenge and bring down the person who broke her in so many ways.

Unfortunately to get that revenge she will have to get close to Parker and that attraction that was once there is stronger than ever. the sexual chemistry and connection between these two is sizzling and burns up the page. The banter is hilarious and has you smiling and laughing throughout. 

Parker and Victoria are great characters and this tale of second chance romance plus you along not only in hope but also it had me worried about the outcome of the big reveal. You get invested in their lives and you want so much for t to work out. The best friends and supporting cast are also an interesting and hilarious bunch that you will enjoy reading about. The fun and laughter as well as a heartfelt romance make this a great entertaining read.

Reviewed by Louise G.