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Review : Wicked Sexy by J.T. Geissinger


 After reading the first book in the ‘Wicked Games’ series by J.T. Geissinger I couldn't wait to get started on this book. “Wicked Sexy’ is a quick witted, funny and clever read with off the charts sexual tension that is worth nothing less than 5 stars. Although the second book in the series it can completely be read as a stand alone novel. Tabby and Connor are two characters that we met in the first book and even from the small glimpse we get of the two of them in that you knew that this was going to be an amazing read.

When Tabby and Connor met in the first book we already see that he is going to be infatuated by her and he is going to infuriate her. Connor has been aware of the hacker known as ‘Polaroid’ for a long time since they managed to get past the security his company had put in place for a client. As well as being well known for getting past many other security firewalls. Connor was shocked to discover who ‘Polaroid” was and this starts the witty banter between the two.

Connor is definitely my kind of book boyfriend material, he’s clever, witty, tall, handsome and just all round amazing. As well as being stubborn and sexy he shows a sweet and considerate side. Really there is nothing not to love about him. Don’t get me wrong I do think that a lot that I loved about Connor was because of his banter back and forth with Tabby.

As a female lead character Tabby was such a breath of fresh air. A feisty, quick witted, beautiful but quirky dressing bad ass hacker babe. I think I have a bit of a girl crush on her too. Getting to know her in this book was wonderful and really entertaining.

Forced to work together the sparks fly and that could only lead to fire being ignited when. This leads to some hot and steamy reading which I loved. Connor and Tabby are brought together to  fight against some cyber criminals but the fight doesn't just stay online and things take a dangerous twist.

From start to finish I loved this book. I mean what’s not to love when you have a huge handsome ex military computer wiz coming together with a feisty, awesome female, genius hacker. This was an entertaining read that you don't want to put down, I cant recommend it enough.

Reviewed by Louise G.