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Review : Winner Takes All by Erin Kern


 ‘Winner Takes All’ was the first book I have read by Erin Kern and it is the first book in the Champion Valley series. As I have a thing at the moment for reading sports romances I was keen to check this out and was pleased I did, 4 stars.

After a premature and unfortunate end to his football career, shrouded in awful accusations of doping, then followed by some time off Blake is now begrudgingly back in his home town coaching high school football. Not quite the career he wanted but at least he still is involved with football to a degree and to stay in the job he must lead them to victory.

Annabelle is a divorcee physical therapist that wants the team to be successful and in order to be so she knows they need proper instruction and conditioning. Unfortunately the football coach Blake is not willing to take Annabelle’s help as he has no faith or trust in Physio’s since what his team one put him through. Stubborn and hostile, Blake’s behaviour is still not enough to put Annabelle off and even with how spread out she is she can’t help but give her input on the team and help Blake confront some of the baggage he carries around with him.

The relationship between Blake and Annabelle is your classic love/hate relationship. Blake is a great guy underneath all his stubbornness and ire but he needs to deal with his issues. Annabelle is supportive and understanding, she never seems to judge him harshly and can see the real guy that Blake is. The attraction between them is palpable and the banter back and forth between them only builds it up that much more and makes you want them to get together even more.

A great sports based romance set in a small town that is sweet, entertaining and has lovable characters. Apart from Blake and Annabelle there are also some support characters that add to the reading enjoyment and hint towards who the other books might be about.

Reviewed by Louise G.