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Review : Wolf's Mate by Chantal Fernando


‘Wolf’s Mate’ by Chantal Fernando is a great addition to the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series. We have got to know Vinnie a bit in previous books and now he gets a book of his own in which he has been promoted from prospect to fully fledged patched member. This wonderful biker story is a 4.5 star read. 

When Talon, the leader of a rival motorcycle club cashes in the debt Wolf owes him Wolf doesn't hesitate to follow through. Although slightly disgruntled with task at hand Wolf is keen to get it over with so he can get home. Wolf has been tasked with the job of looking after Shayla, Talon’s cousin for a week.

Not the spoilt brat that Talon had made her out to be, Shayla is completely different from what Wolf thought she would be. So after initially being quite hard on her he begins to thaw the more he gets to know her. Needing some protection after her father is exposed as a crook Shayla is getting used to having bikers that her cousin sends round to protect her so gets on with things while Wolf is around.

This is a slow burning story with lots of sexual tension and attraction that neither character wants to give into to. Shayla knows better than to fall for a biker and Wolf definitely knows better than to give in and mess this job up by sleeping with the girl he is protecting as a job. As the threat level increases Wolf doesn't trust others to look out for Shayla and brings her into his world so her can keep a better eye on her.

Filled with twists and turns that keep you glued to reading the book until the end this was a great read. Watching as they get to know each other, grow as a couple and fall in love was awesome to be part of. How they deal with everything and how they are embraced by everyone at the club was  great to see.

The Wind Dragons MC are a great club to read about with awesome characters and Chantal Fernando has managed to write them so that I love them all. This is definitely up there with the best Motocycle Club reads out there and I would happily recommend this series to everyone.

Received by Louise G.