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Review : Amore by Bella Jewel


“Amore’ by Bella Jewel is part one in her new Mafia novels and believe me when I say you will need part two after the cliffhanger we are left with. However even with that cliffhanger (they seriously put me off books at times) this is a must read. It is a thrilling 4 star read about two people who weren't meant to be but they are.

Some people will be put off straight away as its a book that contains cheating. Although the wife is not to be trusted, some people just can’t take cheating in a book and if thats you, then this book isn't for you. For me, I just didn't care as the story was so good and you really get to know Julietta throughout the book and love the feistiness from her. 

Julietta is a nurse, quite straight laced and when she goes out on a night out to then hottest club in town she meets Rafael. Little did she know when she met Rafael at that club that the charmer would hold so many secrets.

Rafael is not a guy to be trifled with, he is feared and respected. Having a mistress is the done thing in his circle and he is captivated when he sees Julietta dancing. He decides to make her an offer.

I loved how this wasn't your typical mafia bad guy comes good but was more complex and focusing on what it is like to be the person we all say we wouldn't be. No one usually decides to be or generally wants to be the other person in a relationship and this is true for Julietta. This is a brilliant read that has you thinking what you as a person would do, it was uncomfortable at times but the feistiness and humour kept you reading also. The cliffhanger is HUGE and will all but throw a tantrum to get the next book. I cant wait to see what happens next.

Reviewed by Louise G.