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Review : Blind Spot by Katana Collins

*** ARC provided by the author for an honest review ***

Blind Spot is a standalone novel by Katana Collins.
Shelby is hard working college student. She has been working nonstop in order to be able to move into a nice apartment that would normally be out of her range of affordability. She currently works at a tutoring centre that she grew up using as a child. She has a secret about her past that has caused a lot of grief and turmoil in her past intimate relationships. She does not think that she will ever be able to overcome the Situation.

Tate is a spoiled rich kid. He lives in the same building that Shelby has moved into but is in the penthouse apartment. He has had many meaningless sexual flings, but no one has really caught his attention. He has never known love, not from his parents, not from his past girlfriends, not from anyone. And so he does not know how it feels to love and to be loved.

Shelby is an International Business major who is struggling with her French class. She needs to pass the French class in order to be able to successfully complete her degree. Tate speaks French like a native. He offers to tutor her in exchange for him getting some additional hours under the table for community service that he has to do at the tutoring centre that she is working for.

They begin to date and things are a little rocky here and there. They both have issues and run away from the problems that they experience together. There are secrets that both of them are keeping from each other and neither of them are ready to share what is really wrong in their lives.

Will their lack of communication cause the end of their relationship? Or will they be able to overcome their past in order to have a happy future?

I really liked this book and the story. I would give this book four stars.

Reviewed by: Nicole W.