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Review : Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray

***ARC Provided by the Author for an Honest Review***

WoW………… just ………… wow, what an explosive read!!
I recently received Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray to review on, and was left wondering how I have never come across anything Sherilee has written, before now.

This story grasps you from the very beginning, sucking you in so that you not only hang on every word, you devour each and every one of them, craving more. 

Elijah Hays is a quiet man, one shunned from his peers, perceived as a monster. There are rumours about his past that has the people of the small Montana town he lives in, believing he is dangerous. Well nearly everybody…….

Abigail has been trying to keep her father’s ranch afloat since his death and keeps on her father’s ranch hand to help her. Abi’s father didn’t see Eli in the same light as the rest of the town and neither does Abi. What she sees is a gentle giant, an inexperienced man who prefers to keep to himself. Abigail doesn’t believe the rumours, and when he saves her from an aggressive date she starts to see the true side of Eli.

The attraction and the chemistry between these two is clearly evident throughout this book, but you fall in love with how they take that attraction, and build on it. What they form is an unbreakable - although tested, bond, which sees Eli and Abi fight prejudice, and their own insecurities to find love. 

What I really loved about this book is the gripping storyline, and the vast emotions it drew out of me. I love finding novels that have me craving to get through my day so that I can finish them. I made the mistake of starting this one on the train to work one morning. Not only did the steamy erotic scenes I was reading leave me hot, bothered and blushing, but I also had to contend with an overly packed train full of fellow commuters. It gets a little embarrassing trying to look the man who is leaning over your shoulder in the eye, when he catches what you have just read.

This is an addictive, fantastically written, steamy, hot, love story and you would have to be nuts not to grab a copy of your own. 

For me this is definitely a five star read  

Reviewed by Stacey J