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Review : Challenge by Amy Daws


If you are looking for a new sexy as hell book boyfriend with a sassy but sweet female lead then this book is for you. I loved ’Challenge’ by Amy Daws. This was a big 5 star read for me as you are sucked in right from the start and won’t want to put the book down.

Camden Harris is a football(soccer) player and plays on a team with his twin brother Tanner and his little brother Booker. You might be familiar with them and their sister if you are already a fan of Amy’s other books as his sister Vi, was the lead in a lead in ‘That One Moment’ book. Camden is admitted to hospital after a possible career ending injury he got on the pitch. This causes a whole host of thoughts about who he is and what his future holds and he feels the weight of the pressure crushing down on him but when he looks into the eyes of Dr Porter and is alone in her presence he feels calm.

Dr Indie Porter is a junior doctor and is assigned to deal with Camden when he is admitted. Indie is quite reserved and naïve in dealing with the opposite sex so someone like Camden is definitely like nothing she has faced before. Even though she is keen to stay professional and keep Camden as a patient she can’t deny the pull he has on her, also he might just be the perfect person to help with a plan she has.

‘“You just kissed me,” she pants, her large lips blotchy from my assault. “You let me,” I huff back defensively, feeling so incredibly empty at the loss of her weight on me. I can’t take my eyes off her mouth, nor stop silently wishing we were still kissing. If she thinks I was in that kiss alone, she’s dead wrong. I probably have the nail marks on my abs to prove it.’

The chemistry, banter, connection and fun that these two have with each other is captivating. You actually feel right there with them as they get under each other’s skin and realise that best laid, are just that. When dealing with a connection like theirs once is never enough. Even with Indie’s social awkwardness and his playboy ways they are just perfect for each other. Camden is everything she never knew she wanted and Indie is the same for him and I loved watching things develop. This is a fun, sexy, touching and entertaining read that I would recommend to all. It is told in a dual point of view so you can really connect with the characters and the writing is flawless. For a non coffee drinker this book really made me want one, read the book and you will know why.

Reviewed by Louise G.